5 Ways to Display your Photos (D.I.Y)

Look in your camera roll on your phone. Look through the flicks on your digital camera. Look at the posts on your social media accounts. These days, your photos are seen through a screen and chances are, you’d only look at them once a blue moon. Even photos which are printed out and placed into album are only brought out when you’re showing a random visitor photos from your childhood or that trip to Hawaii you went to last summer.

So, instead of letting those photos collect (digital) dust, why don’t you print them out and put them on display? And no, I’m not talking about slotting a print out in your average joe frame, but instead, in a more inventive and decorative way to make these memories even more special!

I’ve collated 5 D.I.Y ways to display your photos around your home for a more personal touch.

  1. Wood block prints
    This simple and easy method, as explained by Karen, allows you to add an organic touch to any photo. You’ll be able to see the woody texture peek through the semi opaque image as you transfer it on from the wax paper. All are needed are some sheets of wax paper, a printer and a block of wood!
  2. Outdoor branch tree turned into home decor
    If a wood black print wasn’t organic enough for you, then bringing in a branch from your backyard into your home might do the trick! For this D.I.Y idea, you’ll need a thin branch (plucked free of any leaves), some twine/ribbon/fishing wire and a bunch of photos. The instructions are simple, attach the photos to the string and hang the string off of the branch! For a more detailed explanation, check out Bre’s blog post.
  3. A photo chandelier on a budget
    I’m personally not much of a person to do any hand embroidery, but if you’ve got some hoops lying around, feel free to use them for this next idea! In Melanie’s tutorial, she used hoops of descending size, but any other size would work just a well. Simply glue mini pegs around the outer side of the ring and connect the rings using some sort of string or wire. Then, attach the photos onto the pegs and you’re done. A simple yet cute way to show off your flicks!
  4. Mason Jars frames
    Cute? Check.
    Easy to make? Check.
    Versatile? Check.
    This multi-funcational (and cute) way to display yours photos is one that you can’t miss. A mason jar can be used to hold almost anything and you’re bound to have one lying around the house. Even empty pasta sauce jars can be used to recreate this ingenious idea. You can click here for a set of instructions on how to make the jars but basically, all you’ll need to do is paint the jar and leave a cut out section where your photo will be placed.
  5. Canvas prints – without the expensive price tag
    Your average custom canvas prints runs for around $30 at the least, however, you can replicate the idea for a fraction of the price. This method will give you a minimalistic touch to your canvas print as the negative empty space around your photos will balance out the image. Position the photo in different areas of the print to add an asymmetric touch to the display. You could also use black and white images for a more neutral monochromatic touch to your frame set!

All of these ideas can be done with minimal time and are very inexpensive. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get crafting!

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