5 Words to Improve Your Furniture Shopping Experience

I don’t know about you, but when ever I need to go shopping for a piece of furniture and have a specific category of a particular furniture piece, I always wing it and hope for the best as I spend hours searching online, typing in words to describe the category I’m after. The quicker way to search for what I need, is to simply type the name of category instead of vaguely describing it. Straight to the point and easy.

I mean, easy if I knew what those categories were called in the first place. Please, no one teaches you the styles of drawers or bed frames in a Commerce degree.

So, unless you have a thing for inanimate objects, here’s a list of different types of couches in an attempt to aid your couch shopping experience.

  1. Camelback Sofa
    Just as the name indicates, the camelback style is named after the appearance of the sofa’s silhouette to resemble the humps on a camels back. The backboard of the couch curves upwards to a middle point where it meets, forming an inverted parabola shape. This style is commonly found in a french 1800’s setting, but retains its sense of elegance and poise to this day and can be used to style in even a modern space.
  2. Lawson Sofa
    In an attempt to move away from the more common Victorian styles at the end of the 20th century, Thomas Lawson had a clean cut styled sofa curated for his needs. They call it the ‘couch for the masses’ as its design emits simplicity and can be used in almost any situation. The dimensions of the couch were made for the average person and focuses on comfort rather than appearance as the recognisable large sofa pillows propped against the backboard allow for a snuggly cushioned sense of comfort . Dress up this style by propping a few decorative pillows for a personal touch or simply leave the boxy shape on its own for a clean feel. Fortunately, this style sofa is commonly found at furniture stores in many different colours and textures, making it a very popular choice for home owners alike.
  3. Tuxedo Sofa
    At the height of modernism in the 1920’s , the tuxedo couch came into fashion as a staple in people’s home. The defining characteristic of this style is the height of the arm rests, which extend to match the height of the backboard. With such high arm rests, couch pillows would come in handy as a form of extra comfort rather than decoration.More modern styles of the tuxedo sofa remove the arms completely to showcase a simplistic fold, perfect for waiting room environments.
  4. English Rolled Arm Sofa
    Love taking naps? Then this is the perfect couch for you. As the name suggests, the couch’s signature feature is the rolled arm sofa, allowing it to be used as the perfect head rest for your afternoon nap. This style focuses on versatility and more importantly comfort. Once you sit down, you body will seem to melt into the couch – you won’t want to stand up! It’s the perfect option if you wanted to use it as an extra bed or want your space to encompass a relaxed and comfortable vibe.
  5. Chesterfield Sofa
    Last but not least, the classic chesterfield sofa, the embodiment of class and grandeur. This timeless piece of furniture was apparently commissioned by an Earl in provincial 1700’s France with the request that it not crease one’s garment when sitting, hence the tough leather and hard cushion. The typical sofa has rolled arms with a nail-head trim, a backboard comprised of a height equivalent to your back, as well as the signature deep buttoned tufting.

Which of these styles is your favourite?

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