Celebrating Fathers

My dad was a typical 80s Chinese dad: quiet, serious, hard working. Brought home the bacon (rice).

His was a generation of quiet resolve. Born into a China newly formed after World War 2, full of patriotism and hope, fuelled by early years of Maoism.

His was a generation of acceptance. Accepting the change and turmoil that the Cultural Revolution brought, accepting the 3 years of Great Chinese Famine, accepting the change of a new commerce driven China in the 90s, finally opening its doors to Western trade and Capitalism.

His was a generation of responsibilities. My parents always had the dream of raising me overseas, with its ample opportunities and simple lifestyle. But it was my dad that made it happen. His execution accompanied well my mother’s dreams.

In recent years, I’ve come to understand my father’s quietness, his seriousness, his heavy sense of responsibilities. Because I too, am now a father.

Despite having to hold down 2 jobs, he was there for me. Taking me to swimming, badminton practice, answering my endless questions about life, work, purpose.

My personality and even outlook on life is very different from that of my dad’s. But so much of who I am today, came from his quiet influence and his serious perspective on life.

As a father I’m sure you have you hands full. Balancing work, child rearing and spending time with family. So remember today to take some time for your self, give your father a call, and celebrate with your family.

Johnathan Zhuang
Johnathan Zhuang

CEO & Co-founder of Capsule Labs. Nothing brings me more joy than working on a product which make a difference in other people's lives. Hobbies include reading, guitar, being a dad.

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