It’s Time to Splurge on 2017’s Interior Trends

Marble decor? Over rated.
Brass accents? Not anymore.

2017 is the year of luscious green and jewel-toned shades on textured surfaces and embossed in the finest fabrics. If there was ever a time to invest in some attention grabbing pieces of homeware or decor, it is now.

From my research online, many websites did not seem to be consistent in offering the same advice on the current trends – some were still hyping about marble (which is definitely on its way out) and others were raving on about how copper and brass accents would be the trendsetting staple of your home.

I’ve gone and collated the top 5 trends that almost every interior design website assured would be seen in modern 2017 homes, and to make things easier, I’ve also gathered a few product links that will give you a head start in fixing up your home to be featured in the next ‘Vogue Home’ editorial.

  1. Jewel tones
    Forget gold and silver, bring out the ruby and jaded stones, sapphire and emerald hues and you’ll be bathing in the air of a rich Moroccan king. It’s all about the savoury colour that brings out the the nature of a Peruvian royalty but it is not said without truth, so pair it with soft textured velvet or smooth silk and you’ll be one step closer to a life of luxury.Get this look:

    Velvet Fan Pleat Sofa


  2. China Bone White
    Of course, you can’t possibly have a house filled with only strong jewel accent colours, so a balance of a ‘raw white’ would be the perfect blend to your home. A carpenter interviewed by ‘Elle Decor‘ suggests adding ‘some texture’ to the bone white for a ‘natural and organic’ look which contrasts greatly against the luxury built by the jewel tones. In doing so, the pieces will provoke a sense of comfort to your home in addition to the exotic high class staples.

    Gubel Porcelain Vase
  3. Patterns galore
    Call it the return of Art Deco mixed with Noveau, but with a modern twist. Bold, patterns that echo ‘look-at-me’ are making a come-back this season and do not seem to be coming to a halt. However, instead of the sharp geometric and curved lines seen in the early 1900s, you’ve gold a mix of decadent shapes inspired by the natural leaves found in the tropical forests of the Amazons. Wallpaper and couch cushions are the go-to for these patterns, but an ottoman at the foot of your bed in such a print would be much of a head turner as well.

    BOKARV Cushion cover
  4. Earth and nature; did someone say Pantone 15-0343?

    Inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Greenery, it appears that connecting closer to mother Earth is your one-way-ticket to becoming the next interior designer. The colours, basically a more saturated version of the jewel tones listed above seems to be dominating the market, with terracotta bricks making a statement in the sunroom out back or soft velvet sofa in the living room sprayed in a soft pink-purple hue. Don’t forget the green, which is appearing every where with its presently fresh vibe and calming nature in the form of indoor plants and Scandi decor. We get it, green is the new black, whilst the softer earthy colours whisper purity in ones home.

    Willa Wildflower Removable Wallpaper

    GLADOM Tray table
  5. Feel me baby, it’s all about the texture
    The core function of a piece of furniture is basically a way to hold objects, people and things. But why not take it one step further and delve into satisfying your sense of touch. Velvet, silk, leather and or even the rough texture of a newly sanded piece of timber is enough to add a premium feel into your home. Sure, a smooth simple ‘Malm‘ bedhead from Ikea won’t do you any harm, but adding a cushioned piece of upholstery to the back drop wouldn’t hurt anyone neither (other than your wallet).

    Chamberlin Velvet Sofa
  1. My heart cries white but my lifestyle doesn’t ! I love the north african feel of the ruby, sapphire and emerald with velvets and silks

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