Mobile Use = Anxiety Causing?

Heart palpitations, anxiety, panic.. where’s my mobile? Your body is paralysed and you experience the psychological effect of being lonely. Most people have experienced these feelings when they have lost their mobile or they misplaced it for minutes or even seconds.

Studies show, some people feel a sensation similar to loss of limb when they don’t have their mobile phone

Mobile phones today, have become the main tool for people to connect with each other. Without our phones, we feel something important is missing.

We have everything in our phones: photos, calendar, email, social media, games. We spend so much time with our mobiles, that addiction and overuse is common.

Last night, I was watching a movie when I realised I didn’t have my mobile with me. I was tired and the film was getting interesting but I was still thinking where my mobile was and couldn’t focus on the movie until I found it. Is this not strange? Why did I want my mobile If I wasn’t even going to use it? I mean, it was an interesting movie.

Moreover, how many times have you seen people sitting in a restaurant, not talking to each other, but texting or playing on their phones?

Actually, have you ever done it?

Because I have.

Do we realise we’ve adopted anti-social tendencies, by avoiding face to face conversation?

The first iPhone 10 years ago, since then, Android, Google and and a host other manufacturers together with Apple have made our lives so much easier. But at the same time, all of us (regardless of age, gender), have also became the first generation to be exposed to the addictive properties of the smartphone.

Studies 50 years in the future may call us the first experiments of the smartphone revolution, and it remains to be seen what long term efforts this has on us.

I’ve thought a lot recently about how much time I’m spending with my mobile, and what I would do without it.

This could be a good question to ask all of us…

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