The story of automatic mobile photo & video backup

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but for me it was a much deeper than that…

For as long as I could remember, we had photos in my home. My father in his youth had a keen eye for film photography, which gradually moved to digital.

Today, my wife and I in this mobile and selfie driven world, continue to do the same with our daughter Olivia, and I know that habit won’t change when our son arrives this coming October.

It’s not so much tradition as it’s human nature for us to want to preserve the most important things in life.

And since becoming a mother, my wife has embraced photography as her favourite hobby, so much so that her mobiles runs out of space every 2 months.

To support our photo habits, I regularly backed up our photos & videos manually, taking out precious time from our busy lives to sort and categorise photos into folders of dates, events, people even.

And it was never enough that I just back up, I wanted be to be able to easily come back to those photos, to be able to easily find them, and bring them up to show our kids.

Through the years, I also tried many software and Cloud solutions including Google Photos, Apple iCloud, CrashPlan, BackBlaze, Dropbox, but I could never shake the nagging questions:

1. what happens when I stop paying the monthly fee?

2. who really owns my photos?

3. Is it ok that I willingly provide photos about myself and my family to companies that already know so much about me, to willingly build up a marketing profile of us?

So continued our very manual, very time consuming backup habit.

But over time the habit waned, until eventually, a certain (very handsome, but albeit absentminded) husband told his wife he upheld his part of the marriage by backing up her phone, when he didn’t.

Videos and photos were removed from her phone to preserve space – as you do.

After realizing my error, and receiving an overly harsh sentence from the wife, I (read: she made me) realize we needed a photo archive product that required no effort to set up or maintain, and will keep family memories private and safe from prying eyes.

Capsule was born out of our frustration that no products like this exists.

So after much work, we came up with a product that takes less than 3 minutes to set up. Requires no technical know how, and just works (hey, it’s been grandparents tested too :D)!

With Capsule, any photos I take on my phone, anywhere, is backed up immediately to my HOME.


What Capsule looks like

With the Capsule App on our phones, tablet, or computer. We could be anywhere in the world, and still see every single photo or video our family has ever captured, since well… from my dad’s days.

We also gave Capsule a handy search so no more sorting on my part, I could now type “Olivia 2017 park”, and find all photos this year of our park outings with my daughter. We made Capsule recognise faces, location, dates, pets. And we’re continuing to build smarts into it.

The main reason that Capsule has become so important to us, is that our photos & videos can only be seen by my family. Because our memories are kept safe where all our other valuables are – in our home.

We’re really excited about what Capsule has done for us, and could do for your family. So take the first step in preserving your favorite memories forever:

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warm regards

Johnathan Zhuang
soon-to-be father of 2, and husband to a happy wife who will never lose another baby photo again

(CEO & Co-founder, Capsule Labs)

Johnathan Zhuang
Johnathan Zhuang

CEO & Co-founder of Capsule Labs. Nothing brings me more joy than working on a product which make a difference in other people's lives. Hobbies include reading, guitar, being a dad.

  1. I know a service like this would be amazing to have. I really love having photos of everything. I will want them safe and secure in the future.

    1. Thanks shannon. We’re continuing to work hard on the product to ensure it meets your privacy & security needs, without compromising convenience. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted re our launch 😀

  2. I like the idea! How many HD on my laptops or desktop died out of the blue and we of course lost everything because nothing was backed up! I keep some things on CDs or on the cloud.

    1. Thanks for the comment Patrick. We hope with Capsule, all your photos and videos could be in one readily accessible place!

    1. Hi Tammy. Thanks for the comment. Cloud itself isn’t the problem, we’re certainly not generalising that it’s bad. But the big players in that space now are very often advertising funded (google) or run ecommerce (amazon) or data mining (facebook, Twitter) businesses.
      We’re trying to build a business whose profit aligns with the customer interest instead.
      You can read our thoughts re photo ownership here:

  3. Looks like something I am very interested in,I have so many family pics and would love to have them all in one safe place.

  4. Oh ya Johnathan Zhuang
    Making memories and keeping those memories alive. That’s what I am talking about.

  5. A clever idea and an invention which makes perfect sense! Congratulations on addressing this problem many people face when storing their precious photo memories in today’s digital world. I’ve heard many horror stories related to backing things up on the cloud and this is an ingenious solution, which allows consumers peace of mind, security and ensures privacy; whilst being an easy and swift process. 🙂

  6. I bought a pretty photo storage box at the craft store for each of my kids that I keep in their closet for pictures of them.

    1. Wonderful idea Kelly. We bought a photobook for my daughter Olivia too, but she does enjoy looking through our mobile phones for photos too 😀

  7. Very interesting indeed. I wonder if it scans the old printed photos cluttering up my wardrobe as well. Just spent hours searching for a particular photo in my albums and couldn’t find it.

    1. Hi Sandy. Unfortunately, we can’t scan old photobooks. But if you digitized the photobooks, Capsule will allow you to search for people & objects from photos in your printed photo books.

  8. Its so important to treasure and look after photos, they are a passage to your past and memories that should be kept safe and never forgotten.

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